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Ladies Don’t Panic, This Are The 5 Ways To Calm Your Man Down If You Provoke Him



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Relationships are not quite perfect, partners make his perfect, There is no way you will be in a relationship that you won’t undergo through argument, misunderstanding, fighting between partners in a relationship but the right way is to learn from mistakes, ask for forgiveness and never let it repeat itself.

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Learning from mistakes and asking for “forgiveness” keeps your relationship wax and stronger. There are a lot of women that provoke their spouse to anger which can result in a beating, abuse, disagreement, and even destroying their relationship.
Ladies, if you provoke your man to anger, don’t be panic about losing him, there are so many things you can do to forgive him. That’s why I have compiled 5 major things you can do for your man to forgive you when he is Angry

1 Learn How To Ask For “FORGIVENESS”

Yes, most relationships have destroyed all because most ladies don’t know to ask for “FORGIVENESS”. This particular word goes a long way in calming anger down, if you have realized your mistakes and walk to him for Forgiveness, he would forgive you because no matter what happens remember that he still loves you. If you both have a disagreement and it is resulting in his anger, whether you are wrong or right side, learn how to go down on your knees and ask him for Forgiveness.

2. If He is Angry with you, walk close to him, hold his hands and peak him and talk to him in a cool voice. That act of yours will immediately calm him down, I know that angriness can result in anything, but before it results in that. Calm him down with your kiss, low and cool voice, he will surely forgive you

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3 Do Unimaginable Things.
If the anger is getting or has got out of their hands, do him unimaginable things, I mean something spectacular that will calm his nerves down. You can do any of these unimaginable things;
* Prepare him good dishes, prepare him his favorite dishes
* Write sweet notes, sweet love messages to him that would remind him of your life.
No matter how he is Angry, he would forgive you.

4 If you know that the anger has escalated more than your power, it is advisable for you to call anyone close to him, he might be his parents, friends, his boss, and his even his tight co-workers. Narrate your experience to them, no need for you panicking, they would talk to him and he would forgive you

5 Eulogize And Praise Him
If your husband or spouse is angry, Eulogize him in his native language and also praise him. I am 100% sure that he would forgive you and his angriness would turn to his laughter. Praise him, Eulogize him, he would surely forgive you.

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With these few ordered points, I know you would have picked one or two things to do if your husband is angry. Thanks for reading, Kindly turn on your notification for more updates


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