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As a man who has a partner, you will want to maintain a good and solid relationship before proposing and getting married to her. A man with a good future vision will go the extra length to make his relationship intact with his partner.

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As a man who is into one relationship or the other, he would make sure he takes care of his wife in every ramification and even ensure that he builds couple goals with his partner.
A lot of Relationships are solid today because they build “Healthy Conversation”. Conversation matters a lot in relationships, many relationships have been destroyed today as a result of unhealthy conversations. Healthy conversations make relationships isp solid and deeper.
Healthy conversations include understanding your partner when she talks, if you understand yourself, if you can beg your partner when you go wrong and when you do not, that means you maintain ” Healthy Conversation ” which will make your relationship stronger but if you and your partner are always fighting, misunderstanding yourselves, throwing shades words to each other. That means you are maintaining to “Unhealthy Conversation” which may destroy your relationship

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As a responsible man want or who is maintaining healthy conversation with his Woman, there will be some things you will want to correct in her life, it might be her behavior, body, Reactions, and many more. There are ways you can do that which would bring out good result
Women take words seriously at times, that’s why you must be careful about what you tell them, What you tell them matters a lot, that’s why I said always try to maintain “Healthy Conversation”.
As a responsible man who noticed that your partner has body odor how are you going to tell her? how are you going to solve the problem by bringing out the good result? how do you want to maintain a healthy conversation that won’t break her heart or even allow her to leave you?. That’s why I have taken down my time to give 6 steps on how you can tell your woman she is having body odor which would bring out a good result and won’t break her hurt. They are;

1 Introduce An Healthy Topic
As a man who has alwnoticedtice that his woman has body odor and you want to tell her, the first thing to do is to sit her down in your private closet and talk about a health topic, it might be how to keep the body clean, just any healthy topic, drive into it. Ask her questions that would even trigger her to become more interested in the topic

2 Drive Into The Main Point By Opening Up To Her
After You have introduced a healthy topic is she is now interested in it. Drive into the main point by telling her that she has body odor which you would want to help her eradicate. Don’t use “Offensive Language”, let it be your/her private closet you are talking about this, also consider by telling her the disadvantage of not taking care and eradicating the odor. I know you would be bothered how you can tell her, tell her in this format
“I have one thing that has been bothering me, I would like if you can listen, hear me out and do me this one favor, I have noticed a bit of body odor recently and I would want to tell you if we can find ways to eradicate and fix it together”
3 Breach An Agreement On How You Can Help Her Eradicate It.
Breach an agreement with her on the method you can use to solve and eradicate the odor, she will be even happy that you opened up to her and you want to help her on ways she can eradicate it.
4 Go To Dentist, Therapist, Doctors, And Seminars On How To Eradicate Body Odour.
Take her dentist, doctors TTherapiest and even seminars on ways you can eradicate the body odor, make sure she takes to every advice, healthy tips they recommend to her on ways you can help her eradicate it
5 Buy Her Scent/Perfume/Decorate
After taking her to the dentist, doctors, and Therapist, the next thing is to buy her ascent, perfume, or even decorate, surprise her by gifting her perfume, she will appreciate it no matter the worth or price

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6 Share Daily And Healthy Tips To Her Private DM On Ways To Solve And Eradicate Body Odour Permanently
Look for healthy tips, articles that connote ways to solve and eradicate body odor permanently, share it daily and make sure she reads it by asking her questions on it. You can even share her videos, trust me, she will appreciate it more than you think
7 Say Thank You
After you have helped her eradicate her body odor, tell her “Thank You For Giving Me The Opportunity”, she will appreciate it and even Thank you back, remember, ” Women Like Healthy Conversation By Saying And Telling Her Kind Words ”

With these healthy tips I have listed above on ways you can tell your woman that she has body odor, I think she will appreciate it, thank you, and even make your relationship stronger.
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